1) Preliminary indications

The site is provided by Monti75 S.r.l. with registered office in Milan, Via V. Monti, 75, C.F. and VAT number 08718150967, (hereinafter “Monti75”). To obtain information, Monti75 Ltd may be contacted via e-mail info@johannes.pics

Anyone intending to use the site must first register as a user, as shown in the following point 3 and must accept the Terms and Conditions described below.

The devices that allow the access to the use of the site, as well as the costs of telecommunication necessary for the use of the site itself, is the exclusive responsibility of the user.

The service will be in effect from the date of activation until the deactivation request.

You can disable the use of the site at any time and at no additional cost through their Profile (Disabling),or by sending an e-mail to: info@johannes.pics


2) Description of Services of the site JOHANNES

Examples of the services currently provided to the User via the site Johannes are:

– Access to your camera roll

– Select photos to print, size and type of paper

– Delivery the packaging of photos at your address;


3) Record

3.1 To use the site, you need to register as a user via download and access to the Service by completing the appropriate form, which will appear when selecting the option “Register”.

3.2 By completing the registration process and clicking “I agree”, you represent that you have carefully read and expressly accepted all the terms and conditions of use of the Service, hereinafter expressly indicated.


4) Confidentiality

The company Monti75 Srl, with regard to the processing of personal data, has informed the user through appropriate information provided pursuant to section 13 of Legislative Decree no. N. 196/2003 (regarding the protection of personal data).


5) Prohibition of resale or commercial use of the Services

The User’s right to use the Application and access to the Services described in step 2) is personal and not transferable. Users may not resell or make any commercial use of this Service, without the prior written consent of Monti75 ltd.


6) Cost and method of payment

The costs for the use of the site are those shown, together with the mode of payment, within the sections Cart and Payment of the site, and are expressed in euro, including VAT, unless notified otherwise. In the event of a reduction in the value of the service, will not be recognized no difference than previously paid.

Monti75 S.r.l. reserves the right to suspend the service in case the payment is not made by you for technical reasons related to the chosen payment system and / or at least halt definitively the supply for entrepreneurial nature and / or technical matters.


7) Disclaimer of Warranties

Monti75 S.r.l. makes no warranty beyond the extent permitted by these Terms and Conditions: It is understood that the user will use the Service under his full and exclusive responsibility and that the use of that service shall comply with all instructions given by Monti75 ltd


8) Changes to the Terms and Conditions

The user expressly authorizes Monti75 S.r.l. to send to your e-mail address the General Conditions, any special conditions and any subsequent amendments, which make up all of the contractual terms of the application and use of the Services described in section 2).

You agree to print on paper or on a adequate mean to preserve the Terms and Conditions and any subsequent amendments to those that were made to them subsequently_ The use of the site and / or even just one of the services described in step 2) by the User will be a confirmation of his willingness to adhere to the Terms and Conditions, at any particular conditions and its subsequent amendments.

Monti75 S.r.l. reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions, for any valid reason, giving notice._ Will be specified in the said notice the date of entry into force of the amendment without prejudice to the possibility for the user,or in this case, disable the use of the application at any time and at no additional cost _ sending an e-mail to: info@johannes.pics


9) Responsibilities of Monti75 S.r.l.

Monti75 S.r.l. is committed to maintaining the efficiency of the service offered. Where forced to interrupt the Service for maintenance or exceptional events,will try to contain them as quickly as possible.

For any assessment relating to the operation of the Service shall prevail the systems of Monti75 ltd.

Monti75 S.r.l. will define the appropriate procedures for access to the Service and reserves the right to improve them at any time to be able to increase efficiency.

Monti75 S.r.l. will provide the user with all the technical specifications in order to access the Service.


10) Limitation of Liability

10.1 Monti75 S.r.l. disclaims any liability for any claims by the User relating to the inability to use the Service for reasons beyond its direct responsibility.

Monti75 S.r.l. assumes no responsibility for any damages, claims or losses,or direct or indirect,or arising to the user for failure and / or malfunction of third parties, including Internet Service Providers, telephone and / or electronic not directly managed by Monti75 ltd or persons under its control.

Monti75 S.r.l. shall not be deemed in default of its obligations, nor liable for any damage arising from failure to provide the Service due to malfunctioning of the electronic means of communication for reasons outside the scope of the company’s control, including without limitation, fire, natural disasters, lack of energy, lack of telephone lines or other providers of network services, malfunctioning of computers and other electronic devices, although not an integral part of the Internet, malfunctioning of software installed on the User as well as by the actions of other Users or other persons having access to the network.


11) Indemnification

11.1 User is committed to use the service exclusively for lawful purposes and permitted under current legislation applicable, from customs and practices, from rules of diligence, in all cases without ruining rights of any third person, even if not a real member of the service and observing all data protection, laws relating to the protection of intellectual and industrial properties and all the laws on telecommunications.

11.2) User assume entirely and exclusively responsibility for the content of the images and texts sent by his or her name to a third party by using the service, recognizing himself the only responsible raising Monti 75 S.r.l, as well as all people connected to it or controlled by it, it’s responsible employees and all partners of Monti75 S.r.l. from all other kind of request damages or redraft, refunding Monti75 S.r.l. from any other expense resulting from claims or actions of third parties for damages caused by you or any person authorized by you to access the service.


12) Suspension or interruption of service by Monti75 S.r.l.

The service is provided indefinitely and around the world.

Monti75 S.r.l. may at any time upon 60 days notice, suspend or terminate the provision of the service.

In particular, Monti75 S.r.l. may discontinue the service at one or more users, with immediate effect and without advance communication, in the following cases:

1. – when the user does not provide personal information up to date, complete and truthful

2. – when you use the service for illegal purposes or for the transmission or exchange of material that is unlawful, harassing, racist, libelous or defamatory, invasive of another’s privacy, abusive threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene or otherwise objectionable or violates or may violate the rights of intellectual or industrial property rights or other rights of third parties: which causes annoyance, disturbance or damage in any way, to minors (violence, child abuse, exploitation, etc.);

3. – when the user uses the service for the transmission or exchange of viruses, chain letters, or unwanted distribution and mass e-mail;

4. – when user violate the terms and conditions or the terms and conditions applicable to a particular service.


13) Intellectual property rights of service

13.1 The user expressly acknowledges that all intellectual property rights, enforceable under the rules relating to copyright or other provisions, including, but not limited to, non-executive, know-how, source code, software, hardware projects, applications, patents, trade secrets, formulas, algorithms, models, databases and the like, associated with the service, data and other material from Monti75 Srl or otherwise made available to the user by Monti Srl under the terms and conditions are and remain the ownership of Monti75 Srl or subjects that the same is licensed and legitimated.

Johannes grants you personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use the Service, in accordance with the Terms, subject in each case is understood that you may not copy, modify, sell, assign, license, grant, transfer to third parties, or create derivative works from any right of Monti75 Srl, or allow third parties to do so by either you or your smartphone and tablet.

13.2 You acknowledge, finally, that all content (software, images, graphics, photographs, music, sound, video, text) promotional correspondence presented to the user, are protected by applicable laws relating to copyrights, trademarks factory, the service marks, patents or other proprietary rights and laws. You may not, therefore, copy, reproduce, distribute such content without the express permission of Monti75 Srl or by the Advertiser.


14) Jurisdiction and Venue

These Terms and Conditions of Use application for smartphones and tablets Johannes are subject to Italian law. For disputes that may arise from the interpretation, application and enforcement of the same is exclusively by the court of Milan.


15) No Assignment

These Terms and Conditions of Use of the site Johannes have a strictly personal nature and, therefore, the user does not have the right to assign, in whole or in part, or to give the same to a third party without the prior and express written permission of Monti75 Srl