Social Mosaic

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A new groundbreaking output composed of all the photos taken during the event, creating the desired image. The social mosaic can be digital or physical. It is possible to take pictures with any device (smartphone, camera) or through the social mirror and the desk mirror. The social mosaic collects every pic from the selected source, adds a special filter and place it in the mosaic, creating a bigger photo using each pic as a pixel. The digital mosaic only needs a video output, in the physical version is possibile to choose output of different dimensions on which apply every printed pic in the designated place. It’s also possible to have a high quality print of the final mosaic.

how it

The guest poses for the photo.

go live!

The shot will be modified by the software which will apply a color filter depending on its position on the wall.


Collect your print.


Apply the photo on the wall.


live integration
and engagement
set up
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