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A multi-touch mirror with multiple effects, “selfie” experience led to a new level. The Social Mirror is a structure 1.60m high and totally customizable in his appearance and screen animations. Guests stand in front of the mirror and activate the snap with a simple touch on the screen. They can instantly customize their photo in different aspects, with a digital paint/signature, with custom emoji, digital frames or backgrounds (with a green screen). After the customization process, guests can instantly receive their pic just entering their e-mail address and, with the “print” version, they can also have a printed copy.

how it

Place yourself in front of the mirror, touch it and follow the instructions.


Choose the number of snaps, sign your photo touching the mirror and add emoticons to customize it


Choose a frame and a background (if you have the Green Screen). Than choose a filter: black and white, sepia, cartoon, skretch.


Insert your e-mail address and get your pic printed.

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Social mirror: the magic mirror for everyone

In an era like the one we live in, where social networks are a mirror of real life, Johannes presents a very special instrument: the Social Mirror, a sort of multi touch “magic mirror” photo booth, with dozens of personalized effects. Its purpose is to bring the selfie experience to another level, making it much more interesting and engaging.

How the Social Mirror works

The Social Mirror has a very simple operation. It is a real mirror, equipped with easy and intuitive instructions in order to allow immediate accessibility. To make the most of the tool, you can simply stand in front of the Social Mirror, choose the number of shots and customize the image with the desired emojis and filters.

One of the Social Mirror’s peculiarities is the fact that its photos can also be printed: you just have to enter your email address, and then collect the image to keep. Johannes’s Social Mirror proposed is able to satisfy even the most demanding customers, adapting to any context: this particular mirror is in fact incredibly versatile, making every kind of occasion special, whether it’s a private party, a ceremony or an open event.

Portable and resistant (its shock-proof glass makes it suitable to be installed even in crowded places, without danger of breaking), the Social Mirror is a real magic mirror for everyone: you just have to try it, you’ll be a believer in no time!