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An interactive wall showing every pic posted on Instagram with a designated tag or every gif generated. The Social Live Wall shows, on a 16:9 wide screen, the flow of pics posted on Instagram with the event tag. Background color, side banner and header with the event tag are totally customizable. Guests who snap pics with their smartphones and post them on instagram with the event tag, can instantly see them on the live wall in full-screen mode and then added on a grid with 5 columns and 4 lines of photos. Every post grow bigger together with his engagement (likes and comments).

how it

Guests snap photos with their smartphones.


Guests post photos on Instagram with the designated HASHTAG or TAG.

you’re Live!

Guests see their photo on the dynamic wall, growing up its size together with its engagement.

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dynamic and
customized layout
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Your celebrity moment with the Social Live Wall

Andy Warhol claimed that each and every one of us will always have at least 15 minutes of celebrity over our lives. An original and somewhat risky idea, but certainly not an unfounded one, since today it has actually become a reality, thanks to social networks. The web is in fact a potential stage for anyone who knows how to fully exploit the resources it offers, especially when it comes to companies trying to increase their audience.

Johannes’s Social Live Wall was indeed created with the fateful words of the extravagant artist in mind, with the intention of offering maximum visibility on social networks to everyone.

As the name suggests, the Social Live Wall is a real wall or, better, a big screen to be installed during an event, which will leave your guests with their mouths open. But now let’s see how it works.

During the event, guests immortalize the most exciting moments, taking photos and posting them on Instagram with the tag on a particular page. Based on engagement, images are projected onto the wall, allowing guests to turn into celebrities and become protagonists of the event themselves. Fully customizable, today the Social Live Wall is also available in its GIF Wall version, which allows to project the GIFs created through the Social GIF Machine  on a LED screen.