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A tower able to collect and live print every pic posted on Instagram tagging a designated page. The Social Live Printer consist of a tower with totally customizable graphics. Guests who snap pics with their smartphones and post them on Instagram tagging the chosen page, can instantly have a printed copy of them in a 10x15cm polaroid with a customized frame.

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During your event, guests snap photos with their smartphones.


Guests post photos on Instagram with the designated HASHTAG or TAG and hashtag.


Photos are printed in few seconds with their chosen customization.

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Every event becomes a moment to share with the Social Live Printer

One instrument to improve your visibilitybrand reputation and engagement: this is the Social Live Printer, a must-have product for those aiming to turn every event into an important meeting, sharing and – why not – perhaps an important business opportunity.

The way the Social Live Printer works is simple and intuitive: the event’s guests will snap some pictures, and post them on Instagram tagging a certain page. Then, thanks to the Social Live Printer, the photos are printed and customized with the firm’s logo and effects on preference.

Thanks to the Social Live Printer, all guests will be able to contribute to the event’s success, through direct involvement.

Indeed, this exceptional product allows to favor the engagement of your reference target, while also offering the concrete chance to increase brand awareness, acquiring new precious customers.

Besides being extremely user-friendly, the Social Live Printer also has a remarkable feature: it’s immediate. Pictures taken by guests are collected and printed in a few seconds, with the objective of making them immediately available to the public, turning every event into something unique and special. There is also a wide range of customization options available: the totem is in fact completely customizable, and in addition to the company logo, you will be able to choose all kinds of effects in order to make the event’s photos original and must-see.