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A set to create animated GIFs and instantly share or print them. The Social GIF Machine is a tower with totally customizable graphics, 1.80m high. Guests stand in front of the tower and activate the snaps with a simple touch on the activation tablet. They assume 4 different poses for each snap. In a few seconds, the Social GIF Machine merge 4 snaps into an animated GIF with a totally customizable overlay. Through a green screen, background (static or dynamic) is customizable too. After the snaps, guests can instantly receive their animated GIF just entering their e-mail address through the sharing tablet and, with the “print” version, they can also have a printed copy.

how it

Guests touch the screen and activate the system.


4 photos are snapped in a short time lapse while guests pose in different ways.


Photos are merged in an animated branded GIF. Guests to receive the GIF insert their e-mail through our tablet. Once received, they can share it on all social networks.

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Have fun creating GIFs with our Social GIF Machine

Who doesn’t know and use GIFs, the popular looped images rampaging on all social networks? Today, they can indeed turn out to be something more: an important tool to increase your brand visibility and fan engagement. All of this is possible thanks to an innovative tool proposed by Johannes: the Social GIF Machine, a GIF photo booth.

The Social GIF Machine is a system for generating custom GIFs during your event, increasing lead generation. Its operation is very simple, and it will capture the interest of all your guests! You just have to touch the screen to activate it, and then… you can start making poses! Indeed, this machine will shoot four images in a few seconds, with guests taking different poses in the meantime.

Thanks to the system’s tool, the photos are quickly reprocessed in GIF form, which the guests will receive by typing their e-mail on the tablet, only to share them on social networks.

The Social GIF Machine Lite is also available in three other versions, besides the “traditional” one: Print, Green Screen and Single snap. The Print version allows to improve the instrument’s experience, thanks to the immediate printing of the photos taken by guests. The Green Screen Social GIF Machine, however, allows to change the background of GIFs with static or dynamic images, thanks to the chroma key technology. Finally, the Single Snap version produces one-shot GIF, meaning from a single shot instead of four.