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A set to customize photos with light effects. The Social Light Paint is made by a tower with totally customizable graphics, 1.80m high, and a “dark room”. Guests stand in front of the tower and activate the snaps with a simple touch on the activation tablet. First shoot is made with light on, second shoot is made with lights off and with long exposure, so people can paint in the dark with their light effect. The Social Light Paint will then merge the snaps in a single, light-painted pic. After the snaps, guests can instantly receive their light-painted pic just entering their e-mail address through the sharing tablet and, with the “print” version, they can also have a printed copy.

how it

Guests enter into the Light Paint Room.


Guests shoot a photo with lights on.


Lights are switched off and guests can design their own overlay
on the photo they snapped before.


Guests have their customized and branded photo printed in few seconds.

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Light up your event with Social Light Paint

For brands aiming to increase their lead generation, it is not always easy to find a system capable of doing it effectively, and in an engaging way.

Luckily enough, among their other innovative products, Johannes also includes Social Light Paint, an extraordinary tool which allows to snap and customize photos quickly and easily, making each event unique and magical, and encouraging lead generation.

The product works as naturally as it is fascinating: you will enter the Light Paint Room, an appropriately created “room” for the occasion installed during the event, and take pictures with the light on. With the lights off, however, guests can personally draw the lighting effects to decorate them.

By inserting your email on the tablet, you can immediately receive personalized photos with the chosen lighting effect, and you will have to choose between sharing them on social networks, or printing them in a few seconds. Social Light paint is another product, and it offers multiple benefits. The main one is it being an interesting and engaging entertainment tool for all the guests of an event. Secondly, the instrument favors lead generation thanks to its image sharing, with all pictures getting branded.

You will then be able to customize Social Light Paint in all its features: the Light Paint Room’s layout, the tablet screens available to guests, the dedicated totem, graphics of the printed photo and, of course, the lighting effect to be applied to the most beautiful and exciting images.