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He’s our social photographer for your event. He is totally customizable, his outfit, his backpack, gifs or pics overlay, printed pics frame, camera lens. He is able to shoot pics or animated gifs and instantly deliver them live to the event guests. after the shot, guests can instantly receive their pic through the sharing tablet. With the “print” version they can also have a printer copy.

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strike a pose

Guests stand in front of the photographer for a single shot
or strike different poses for an animated GIF.


Guests insert their e-mail address on the sharing tablet to instantly receive their pic.


With the “print” version, guests can also have a printed copy.

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Social shots with the Influencer Photographer

Every proper celebrity has his own trusted photographer, which is able not only to capture the most appealing poses and the most intense looks, but also to correct any imperfections, giving life to beautiful and unique images.

Thanks to Johannes, from today each and every one of us can be a celebrity, and consequently have its own Influencer Photographer, which will make any shot special.

The Influencer Photographer is a new service from Johannes. We are talking about a social photographer for all exclusive events, offering a wide range of customizable solutions to entertain and engage guests, from its outfit (ranging from workwear to backpacks, from his accessories to shoes and hats) his props such as gadgets, glasses or hats, to the footer of printed photos and the camera lens.

The Influencer Photographer is just like a real photographer, but with many other advanteges, among which the service’s immediate delivery. Indeed, in order to activate the device, you just have pose and give the OK to the Influencer Photographer to take a photo or an animated GIF.

To receive the live shot, all you need to do is to insert your email on the purposed tablet: this way you can immediately share your picture with your friends on social networks. Furthermore, thanks to the “Print” version, it is also possible to print the copy of the photo directly during the event.

With the Influencer Photographer, you will be able to create lead generation, and at the same time, promote entertainment and guest participation in any type of event.