advergames: present and future

  • ENGAGEMENT: create user retention, thanks to psychologically proven mechanics of gamification.
  • REWARD: coupons, gifts and certificates can be distributed to users through the game as rewards.
  • DATA COLLECTION: collect, measure and analyze accurate insights from any user activity.
  • CROSS PLATFORM: Our games are designed to run across all kind of devices, powered by the use of native or web apps.
  • UNIQUENESS: Advergames can be deeply customized around your brand style, highlighting your brand identity.
  • ENDLESS: Games never expires, and your custom made game will amaze your customers forever.



  • PUZZLE: work on brand awareness by offering your audience a challenge. Ask them to solve a personalized puzzle with your logoand branding colors. Adjust the difficulty settings and generate leads.
  • MEMORY: increase brand and product awareness and collect new leads with a branded memory game. Customize all cards with your logo and branding colors to have your unique game.
  • ADVENTURE: adventure games with flat gameplay. A funny, engaging and totally customizable experience! One of the most recommended solutions as an amusement, or as a cool engagement either on field or digital events.
  • MATCH IT: increase brand or product recognition, project brand values and collect data with a branded game where players make connections between different pairs of images. Adjust the difficulty settings.

  • ENDLESS RUN: avoid obstacles, collect points, and play with this unique and engaging gaming experience. Many possible features can be added to this gameplay. Challenge users to reach the highest score.
  • SPINNIN’ WHEEL: distribute discounts and gifts by inviting your followers to spin the prize wheel and test their luck. Choose what prizes to include and customize it with your branding and logo.
  • HIDDEN OBJECTS: entertain your audience with a game that challenges visual attention. Participants must find all hidden objects in the image. Increase engagement and brand exposure with this branded game.
  • CROSSWORD: entertain your audience with a classic word game and draw a winner among the fastest participants. Customize the game with key words for your brand or campaign.