The huge amount of custom solutions requests gave us the idea to create a new unit completely focused on developing custom projects. A lab constantly researching and producing new technologies for the most demanding customers, called “Johannes Lab”.

Total customization of existing products, creation of new customized structures, design and development of new interactive installations are only few of all activities made by Johannes Lab, a unit that in 2019 has been able to satisfy requests from some of the most important brands in the world.

The Pool Club

Milan Design Week 2019
A pool of pink balls and Johannes technology: 2.000 shots and 1.500 prints in 7 days!
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Pull-up GIF

Reebok CrossFit Italian Showdown 2019
A custom box placed above a pull-up bar and a green screen on the floor: so many dynamic backgrounds!
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The Sky Shot

Montblanc Milan 2019
A camera installed on top of a ladder, a New York background on the floor: enter and discovery the result!
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The LedWalk

YSL Milan Fashion Week 2018
A LED walkway that comes to life with every step, all filmed and reworked in minutes!
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Running Game

Adidas Polimirun Spring 2019
An interactive videogame made from scratch. Wear the new Adidas shoes and compete with other participants!
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Social GIF Machine + Custom Room

Armani Sephora Milan 2018
A custom built room for the new fragrance, a sound and lights system activated by lifting the perfume itself. Here is the Heart Beating Experience!
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Street Art Wall + PROJECTOR

Volkswagen T-ROC Milan 2018
Become a digital street artist! With the additional projector, enjoy your drawing impressed on the car in real time.
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Social Live Printer Custom

Chanel Milan Fashion Week 2018
Enjoy this Social Live Printer built in the pillar of a temporary Chanel stand in the heart of Milan fashion district. This was Milan Fashion Week 2018!
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Social Mirror

Armani/Privé Dubai Interview
Johannes Lab built a great installation and this is what their director thinks about this big project. Enjoy the interview!
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Social Mirror + Tunnel

Armani/Privé Dubai 2019-2020
The Social Mirror inserted in a special tunnel created for the extraordinary Armani Privè in the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. A one-year installation that brings Johannes “over the top!”
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The Leg Show

Calzedonia Leg Show 2019
The hall of a luxury hotel entirely reproduced with perspective games and close-up shots: the Calzedonia Leg Show!
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Interactive installations for personalized events

New technologies make it possible to create visual and dynamic effects that, until a few decades ago, were even unthinkable. Today, an event is no longer just an opportunity to bring people together, but an important strategy for implementing your business. Events, therefore, are no longer events for their own sake, but are organized on the basis of precise goals: to increase lead generation, encourage public engagement, increase brand visibility on social networks.

To make an event truly special and achieve the goals set, however, you must rely on the right partner, who knows how to not only provide the most innovative products, but is also able to offer customers customized solutions and agreed ad hoc, such as interactive installations for events designed and studied by Johannes.

The Social Live Agency, in fact, offers a 360-degree service that does not simply include the rental of different products, but studies the event with the customer, working in tandem to find the most suitable product for the occasion and, above all, most effective for achieving the objectives in the organization of the event. The products available from Johannes offer exceptional potential: from the creation of GIFs from a shot to the projection of the most exciting images on a large screen, to the ability to create audio and video effects based on the actions of guests.

Advanced interactive technologies and installations that can be customized in every aspect, to transform every event into a special and unique occasion. Just like those who attend.