Insiders have a specific expression to define all of this: event marketing. Basically, these are all those strategies implemented by a company in order to make its brand prosper through the organization of events.

  • Networking: thanks to events, there’s a direct contact with potential customers, thus transforming their day, to which a plus is added (the event’s experience, namely) for leaving unforgettable impression (hopefully positive, of course).
  • Lead Generation: events are always designed with a specific target in mind, from which an immediate action is desired, such as the purchase of a certain product.
  • Brand Awareness: event marketing also means increasing brand visibility, retaining consumers and acquiring new ones.
  • Education: every event, including corporate ones, has an educational purpose, as it has sharing as a necessary condition, not only for the experience itself, but also for the vision and mission of the company, which namely thanks to an initiative capable of engaging its crowd becomes shared with potential customers.
entertainment for events

However, for an event to turn out successful, the entertainment part has to be impeccable. Planning entertainment for events is very important for granting their success. First of all because it allows to create opportunities for meeting and dialogue between participants; secondly for favoring an informal climate, even if it’s a business event. Finally, entertainment is a key aspect for the success of team building strategies.

With these premises, it is clear that entertainment for events becomes a basic pillar for their success. Johannes, a Milan-based social live agency specializing in offering products and services for making all events unique, including corporate ones, offers various cutting-edge solutions to its customers. One of these is the Social Live Wall, which aims at increasing a brand’s engagement thanks to an event where guests themselves become protagonists through the SocialGIF Machine, allowing to create custom GIFs and consequently lead generation. Absolutely everyone can book an unforgettable event.