AR Experience

A set to throw you in another world and create photos and videos. The AR Experience is made by a wide screen, a green screen, a video camera and (on request) a printer. Guests stays in front of the video camera and, through the chroma-key technology, his figure is instantly projected on the desired scenario: an image or a video. Every aspect of this scenario is completely customizable, backgrounds (statics or dynamics) props, which are virtual objects that guests can place everywhere they want in overlay.
With simple hand movements guests can choose different props and activate a photo shoot or a video recording, and instantly receive them writing down their e-mail address. With the “print” version, they can also have a printed copy.




The AR Experience consists of a screen, a green screen,
a video camera and (on demand) a printer.



Place yourself in front of the camera,
and by using the chroma-key technology
your figure will be instantly projected into the desired scenario: an image or a video.



Every aspect of the scenario is completely customizable,
from the backgrounds (both static and dynamic) to the props,
virtual objects to be positioned at will in overlay.



With some simple hand movements you can select the different props
and activate the shooting of the photo or video, receiving it instantly through your e-mail.
With the “Print” version you can also have a printed copy.


AR Experience: augmented reality within everyone's reach

Augmented reality is now a reality. It’s not just a game of words, it’s a tool that offers enormous potential, especially for brands aiming to increase their visibility and pool of potential customers.

Indeed, offering an augmented reality photo booth is one of the most innovative tactics to involve your target audience, with the intention to build a different relationship with the public, one that is no longer based on the sales-purchase dualism, but on the need to make the customers protagonists of your own business strategies. AR Experience is therefore an essential product for anyone who wants to offer augmented reality, by bringing it within everyone’s reach. It consists of a screen, a green screen, a video camera and – upon specific request – a printer.

The AR Experience allows to create a completely customized set for taking photos and videos, receiving them via email and sharing them on social media.

Its operation is very simple: you just have to place yourself in front of the camera, and thanks to the chroma key technology, your figure will be instantly projected on the desired scenario, be it an image or video. Every aspect of it is completely customizable. For example, you may choose between static or dynamic backgrounds, with a wide range of patterns, and freely place props, virtual objects which enrich the set. The snap or recording will be activated by hand movement, and once made, you will receive your photo or video by mail or through immediate printing.

photo booth realtà aumentata


photo booth realtà aumentata


photo booth realtà aumentata


photo booth realtà aumentata